escorts lying in football field

The match was contentious to say the least. Annalise wasn’t really a fan but that wasn’t why she was here anyway. Escorts in London like her were here to cheer they boys on and then meet up later on at the pub and have a good time. She stood up, her tiny shorts riding up a bit as she waved her banner in the air, her cleavage waving just as enthusiastically. 

Once the match ended, she left her seat and immediately went to the parking lot where she entered a black Mercedes with tinted windows. 

“That was a great match. That goal you scored was one for the books, innit?” 

He smiled at her, looking pleased. “Thanks. Where to now? The Mitre?” 


They liked to go to the Mitre in Paddington because it was near her London apartment. The party would start in the pub and then move to her place. She ordered two pints and they retired into one of the dark corners in the old pub. His hand was on her thigh at once, and he buried his head in her cleavage, humming contentedly. 

“Love your boobies,” he murmured kissing one and then the other. She arched her back to give him better access as she grinned and took a large sip of her drink. 

It wasn’t long before they were properly buzzed and he wanted to move the action inside. 

“Wanna get inside you, yeah? Make it really good.” 

He was always really randy after he won a match. 

She took his hand and led him out of the pub. They left the car parked where it was and walked up to her place. As soon as she had the door closed behind her, he was pulling down her shirt so he could suckle on her tits. She giggled, wiggling them encouragingly. 

His hands drifted down to her butt, and cupped them squeezing. 

“Come on then you horny little slut, let’s take this to the bedroom,” he said. 

She tottered on her heels, boobs hanging out, and threw herself on the bed laughing. He shoved his trousers off and then he was on top of her and they were kissing properly. 

Since starting her career as one of the exclusive escorts in London this famous footballer had become one of her favorite customers because he was so predictable. 

A bit of a drink, a bit of a fuck and he was golden. Easy money and great sex for her. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him close.