Kwesi liked to meet escorts London chicks especially on the Bayswater road on Sunday afternoon to take in the sidewalk art. He lived with his mother and so did not have much opportunity to entertain. She didn’t mind it one bit as she fancied herself a bit of an art aficionado. She was looking at a painting, trying to figure out if it was meant to be abstract when she heard her name called. 

“Eileen, hi!” he was waving enthusiastically at her and she smiled, waving back. 

Kwesi was always really happy to see her and who could blame him? She made sure she showed him a really good time for his buck. 

He came up to her and kissed her hard and fast on the lips, his eyes already shining with lust. 

“Ready to go?” he asked. 

“You haven’t even seen any art yet?” she teased. 

“Oh yeah, not today. I am already late. It is nearly three and my mother will expect me back by five.” 

Eileen smiled. “Alright then, suit yourself. Follow me.” 

She turned and headed off, making sure to add a bit of sashay to her walk. Kwesi was always pretty keen but it never hurt to gird the lily now and then. By the time they arrived at her rented suite of rooms at Garden House in London’s Bayswater, he has his hand on her ass and is subtly hurrying her along. She giggled, opening her door and inviting him in. 

As soon as the door was closed behind him he was all over her like a horny Tom cat, erection jutting into her thigh as he kissed her hard and long. She moaned into her mouth, arching her body into his and let him lift her off her feet and carry her to the couch. Kwesi enjoyed sex with escorts London guys like him who were well hung liked to take it slow as possible, leisurely undressing her before kissing every inch of her he could reach. Next came his tongue inside of her, while his hands played with her tits. 

She moaned loud and long, encouraging whatever he did, and struggling to do her part and undress him too. She took his monster dick into her mouth, suckling greedily but today he was too far gone to want that for long. 

“Bend down over the table.” He said and she hastened to comply.