girl in limo

She made a list of things to do and places to see in Kensington just as soon as her escorts agency texted to say that Stavros would be in London for the weekend. He was a full service kind of guy who didn’t want to just have the company but wanted to be actively entertained. He had already booked a room at the Coronation Hotel for the two of them and all she had to do was come up with an itinerary. 

Easier said than done sometimes because Stavros wasn’t one to care about museums or visiting the palace. However, Caroline wasn’t too worried. She knew a place where they could rent bikes and go riding along Hyde Park, maybe take in the Diana memorial because everybody loved Diana. 

Afterwards, they could have a pizza or hot pork sandwiches at the Finborough Arms while they sampled all the different beer brews. They could spend the afternoon lazing about in the hotel by taking a couples’ massage. Just the thing to relax them after that rigorous morning. 

Like most of the girls at the escorts agency she always felt loose and relaxed after a massage, down to do anything. They would have time between the massage in the afternoon and going out later for dinner and maybe the club. They could use that time to get closer. 

Caroline always liked to have sex after a massage. She was so loose and easy and so was he. They could simply send the masseuses away and then she could ride him on the massage bed while he groaned encouragement underneath her. He would squeeze her breasts and her buttocks while she let her inner muscles massage his dick. It would be the perfect segue way to an evening of dress up, where she’d wear something slinky and sexy and take him off the Blagclub to celebrate his birthday with he and some other agency escorts she liked to party with! 

She glanced over at the clock and saw that she was out of time. She was meant to pick Stavros up at the airport in fifteen minutes and she had to get going. Adjusting her dress so that it hung beautifully on her tall, buxom frame, she fluffed out her dark hair and added a layer of green mascara so that her green eyes were popping. 

She slipped into her six inch heels and hurried downstairs where the limo was waiting.