Christmas was a busy time for Fiona. Lonely people looking for company would seek her out London escorts, all her regular clients would book at least one session with her. The combination of festivities and the meaning of the holidays brought out both the generous and weird in people. 

She checked her text messages and saw that Sheikh Mohamed had booked a meeting for later. 

Private party on my boat, on the Chelsea Harbour Marina you in? 

“Well of course I’m in Mo. When am I not?” she said aloud. Fiona liked Sheikh Mohamed because he was quite free and generous with the money he gave to escorts. He sometimes paid her as much as three times her usual rate for a night of intimate pleasure in London. 

She hit reply, texting him back right away. 

Come dressed as Mrs. Clause. But sexy. 

Fiona snorted. “Shit you’re weird.” She murmured as she clicked on the number for her lingerie shop and called them to see what Christmas-themed lingerie they had. 

“Preferably something in red and white, a bit of fluff, lots of silk.” 

“I have just the thing!” the proprietor, Magda, said. She made specialty pieces, her clientele mostly consisting of people like Fiona who are in the London escorts business. 

“Good. Thank you.” Fiona took up her bag and went to pick up the costume. 

She changed in the car after she arrived at the marina and then stepped out in her six inch heels and tottered towards Mohamed’s boat. 

“Fiona! How good to see you,” Mohamed called from the stern. 

“Good to see you too. Are you going to help me up there like the gentleman your dad wants you to be?” 

Mohamed laughed before jumping down onto the dock and taking her hand. “Of course. Sure. Come on.” 

He helped her onto the boat before bending over to place his lips on hers. “Good to see you.” 

Fiona pressed into him. “You too.” 

Mohamed grinned. “Let’s get this party started.” 

He signaled to the captain to cast off before leading Fiona into the lounge where he poured her a drink. 

“So what’s the occasion?” she asked as his hand ran up and down her thigh. 

“First let’s see your costume,” he said. 

She took her coat off, exposing the red silk bikini with white feathery lining. Her nipples sticking out of strategically placed holes while the panties were crotch less. 

Out of her coat pocket, she took her gay Santa hat out and placed it jauntily over her long blonde hair. “Ho ho ho.” She said. 

Mohamed threw back his head and laughed. “Perfect,” he said.