couple practising popular fetishes

The Fetish Map of the UK 

Often referred to as a rather prudish country, behind closed doors the British people really know how to get down and dirty when it comes to sex. Sexual desire is fascinating and diverse, with us Britons finding gratification in weird and wonderful places. That’s why we decided to take a look at the most popular fetishes in the country to create a Fetish Map of the UK.

What actually is a fetish?

A fetish is finding sexual arousal and gratification in something that isn’t typically considered to be associated with sex. That thing might be an object, a body part or even an act. Fetishes can bring together people and can often play an important role in long-term relationships and marriages. They also allow people to explore their fantasies, whether at events and parties, with partners and escorts, or even on their own. If you are looking to explore any of your fetishes with an escort, we might have a few tips and tricks for finding the right companion to do so.

Fetishes: an extension of fantasy

There have been suggestions over the years that fetishes can be an indicator of mental illness. But according to Dr. Richard Krueger, associate professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, that’s simply not true. In fact, he says that although the literature on the topic is limited, the studies that do exist suggest that people who have a fetish are healthy or healthier than those who don’t. He also suggests that suppressing them can actually result in psychological damage.

Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., a sexuality counselor, told Healthline that “sexual fantasy is highly varied across the spectrum, so fetishes might simply be one element of our diversity in terms of sexual interest and arousal”.

So not only is having a fetish pretty normal, but acting on that fetish can actually have a positive impact on your health.

The most popular fetishes in the UK

So here we go—onto the study. We took 20 of the most common fetishes and looked at monthly search volumes for each in the UK. This gave us a list of not only the most popular fetishes in the country, but also the most common in each major town and city. And trust us when we tell you: whatever you’re into, you’re not alone.

The Top 5

Across the whole of the UK, here are the most searched-for fetishes:

  1. BDSM with 184344 searches per month*
  2. Foot Fetish with 39242 searches per month*
  3. Crossdressing with 33993 searches per month*
  4. Swinging with 33001 searches per month*
  5. Uniforms with 9051 searches per month*

*Averaged over a 12 month period

Alien Fetish- Area 51 Raid

A recent Facebook group was created to storm Area 51 next month to find out what is going on behind the most guarded secret US air base. According to PornHub they saw a huge increase in people searching for “Alien Sex” because of this. We decided to take a further look into where Alien porn and fetish ranks in our findings. Interestingly over 2,000 searches per month in the UK were for Alien based porn and other fetishes, although it’s not within out top 5 ranking fetishes it certainly shows an interest in all things paranormal in the bedroom.


The Fetish Map of the UK

To conclude the article, we then took the top searched-for fetish in each of the UK’s top 20 towns and cities and turned it into this handy map:


The top fetish in each city and town across the UK

And if you’d like to dig a little deeper, here is a list of the top fetish by major towns or cities in the UK:

City Top Fetish
Aberdeen Swinging
Basildon Foot Fetish
Basingstoke BDSM
Bath Cross Dressing
Belfast Swinging
Birkenhead Foot Fetish
Birmingham Edging
Blackburn Foot Fetish
Blackpool BDSM
Bolton Edging
Bournemouth Foot Fetish
Bradford BDSM
Brighton Swinging
Bristol Group Sex
Cambridge Cross Dressing
Cardiff Electrostimulation
Chelmsford Cross Dressing
Cheltenham BDSM
Colchester Foot Fetish
Coventry Foot Fetish
Crawley Foot Fetish
Derby Swinging
Doncaster Group Sex
Dundee Foot Fetish
Eastbourne Foot Fetish
Edinburgh BDSM
Exeter BDSM
Gateshead BDSM
Glasgow Electrostimulation
Gloucester Foot Fetish
Hemel Hempstead Foot Fetish
High Wycombe BDSM
Huddersfield BDSM
Ipswich Foot Fetish
Kingston upon Hull Foot Fetish
Leeds Swinging
Leicester Cross Dressing
Lincoln Cross Dressing
Liverpool Foot Fetish
London BDSM
Luton Foot Fetish
Maidstone Foot Fetish
Manchester Swinging
Middlesbrough Cross Dressing
Milton Keynes Electrostimulation
Newcastle upon Tyne Electrostimulation
Newport Group Sex
Northampton Group Sex
Norwich Foot Fetish
Nottingham Cross Dressing
Oldham BDSM
Oxford BDSM
Peterborough BDSM
Plymouth Group Sex
Poole Group Sex
Portsmouth BDSM
Reading BDSM
Rochdale BDSM
Rotherham Edging
Sale Watersports
Salford Swinging
Sheffield Foot Fetish
Slough Leather Fetish
Solihull Foot Fetish
Southampton Latex Fetish
Southend-on-Sea Swinging
St. Helens Humiliation
Stockport Masochism
Stoke-on-Trent Unifroms
Sunderland Exhibitionism
Sutton Coldfield BDSM
Swansea Group Sex
Swindon Group Sex
Telford Voyeurism
Wakefield Swinging
Warrington Group Sex
Watford BDSM
Wigan BDSM
Woking Edging
Wolverhampton Cross Dressing
Worcester Edging
Worthing Watersports
York Gagging